Thursday, June 01, 2006

Mandarin masks "mei yu gongzuo"

Many bloggers have been pissed off with DPM Najib for having the double-face and double standards to criticise some in the private sector for discriminatory practice in recruiting only those who are proficient in Mandarin (the language, not the orange).

Not unexpectedly, they fall into two camps.

Camp 1 would demand of Najib to criticise the government’s own discriminatory recruitment practice as well.

Camp 2 attempted to discredit his criticism as misplaced by the argument that employers advertised for Mandarin speaking staff as a job-related requirement rather than for specific ethnicity.

I feel the latter presented their case in a better light. On the face of it, Najib has been incorrect to make such an accusation. As an example of his error, if one were to look at advertisements for some United Nations positions, specific language(s) requirements are stated.

But the problem with Najib’s allegation is not that he doesn’t know. Like all top UMNO policy pronouncements, there is a subtext to his statement.

He was putting on the best political spin in the light of unemployed graduates almost doubling from 45,000 in 2000 to 85,000 last year. Most of them are Malays, so bloody blame someone else. And who better than the good ole faithful Chinese punching bag. Yes, someone has to be the scapegoat, and Mandarin seems convenient as the whipping boy.

It’s the usual UMNO tactic.

In the old days, the Chinese would be dragged out to be flogged as unpatriotic potential communists, to divert attention from government failings.

Then, those China-peks would be sacrificed on the altar of Ketuanan Melayu (Malay supremacy) to ensure other wannabe leaders in the Malay community, like PAS or Semangat 46, were chopped down as unnecessary divisive forces in the face of a threat to Bangsa dan Agama (race & Islam). Long keris (Malay dagger), short keris, tebuans (hornets) and whatnot would be coopted into the distracting or more-Hang-Tuah-than-thou spin.

Oh, talking about that, remember May 13?

* mei yu gongzuo = no job


  1. My family lived in Gombak and Chow Kit Road as well as being close to major politicians of all parties then on May 13, 1969

    The allegation that the DAP and Gerakan supporters provoked the riots is questionable because the riots did not start at areas where the DAP and Gerakan supporters behaved the worst e.g. at Harun house. Rumours about Chinese attacking Malays in Setapak was spead over the loud speakers of mosque. The son of the Penghulu of the area at that time later admitted to us that it was Malays who spread the rumours.

    Does anyone find it a bit terrifying that Razak lied about May 13, 1969 and today his son is also lying about graduate unemployment.

  2. The Malays will never want to know the real reasons for their shortcomings simply because they are too stupid and afraid to do so.
    Nothing which anyone do or say can help someone who does not want to change.

  3. Anonymous, I find your racist comments unacceptable. We are talking about a minister spinning bullsh*t, and you sweep everyone in sight down with a long bamboo pole. It's better not to say anything unless you have something wothwhile to say - being racist is not worthwhile.

  4. It is not racism. How many Malays do you know of who will give up their government sponsored priviliges in order to build a truly Bangsa Malaysia?

  5. Anon, first you called the Malays 'stupid', which was a sweeping remark that I consider racist. Now you're virtually saying they are 'smart' not to give up UMNO-instituted privileges.

    Yes, there is racism in our country but that doesn't mean all Malays are racists or even UMNO supporters.

  6. So being a selfish racist bastard is 'smart'?

  7. In your words, not mine. Either hey are stupid or not - you can't have it both ways.

  8. You used the word 'smart' to describe selfish and racist rules. I did not. If the Malyay cannot understand that the long-term good of Malaysia lies in the creation of a truly Bangsa Malaysia of whch the removal of 'UMNO-instituted privileges' is a precondition, then they are stupid.
    Given your definition of 'smart', the Zionist who are pissing on the Palestinians are probably the smartest people in the world.