Saturday, June 03, 2006

UMNO Youth Odd Man Out

The MCA Youth, MIC Youth and Gerakan Youth have all woken up to deliver a warning to the police on its threat to the government about the PM’s wish to establish the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC).

MCA Youth chief Liow Tiong Lai said it has been very unbecoming of the police to threaten to allow the crime rate to rise, or to vote for the opposition should the IPCMC be established.

He said: “It is wrong for government officers to do this, they should respect the government of the day. They are enforcement officers who must implement policies set by the government. Don’t even think about this kind of threat.”

Liow demanded an apology from the police. He declared his full support for the IPCMC.

He has been strongly supported by MIC Youth – and bloody FINALLY too, considering most of the victims of alleged police abuses had been members of the Indian community.

For some strange, stupid but undoubtedly sycophantic reasons, the MIC Youth had previously been opposed to the concept of the IPCMC, when one would imagine them, of all people, to be clamouring for such a body to investigate and check the alleged police abuses.

But the unprecedented and unmitigated threats by a public service had been the last straw that gave MIC Youth some balls and backbone to demand for a IPCMC that would accord some justice if not protection for the community they profess to look after.

MIC Youth chief SA Vigneswaran said the threats from the police suggested the need for the IPCMC: “From someone who supported the police and their opposition to the IPCMC, the latest step taken by the police actually made me speechless and disappointed. Nobody should hold the government to ransom.”

But MIC being MIC, Vigneswaran of course couldn't resist embellishing his declaration with a bit of bodek-ing (brown-nosing) by stating the bloody obvious, that the final decision would rest with Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Then, Gerakan Youth chief Mah Siew Keong said the wing had been deeply disappointed with the police threats. He averred:

“We cannot tolerate such statements and threats by police officers. We appreciate the contribution made by the police and the difficulties and challenges they have to go through. However, the police force should not impose any threat on public safety despite their stand to object the proposal on the setting up of IPCMC.”

“Public interest and national security should be upheld in order to maintain public confidence and accountability of the police force.”

Hmmm, I wonder what Gerakan No 1 Bodek-er Koh would say?

UMNO Youth leaders, who opposed the IPCMC, could not be reached for comment.


  1. We can bark, we can be angry and they will still be the same old regime of license gangster who will still terrorise our street!

  2. The issue is racial. UMNO youth needs the police which is predominantly Malay/Muslim to keep them in power. Their main worry is how to prevent the non-Malay population in Malaysia from supporting a Singapore armoured column when it is heading into Malaysia to secure Singapore's water supply and to create a land buffer in the event things get really bad between the 2 states.
    If anyone for a moment think Singapore armour is a pussycat. Look up the stats, it is frightening.
    The Malaysian police will obviously be the first to ensure that no help of any form is rendered to the Singaporeans by the non-Malay population. Now, one may say that the government can always use the army. However, the armed forces are not the best option as can be seen by the deployment of Askar Melayu units at the behest of UMNO Youth to replace the Sarawak Rangers whom they suspect to be not quite loyal as most them were Christians, during the May 13 riots. The killings got really bad after the deployment of Askar Melayu units who openly sided with the Malays. The government almost lost control of the country. Good thing it was 1969 and not post Sept. 11 2001 otherwise we may see Yankee troops landing at Port Klang in the guise of protecting democracy. This nightmare is even bigger than the nightmare of a Singapore invasion.
    A security apparatus can only operate effectively when it is allowed to strike fear into the minds of a population. The IPCMC will remove a lot of the fear the non-Malays have towards the police.
    UMNO youth needs the police to keep the non-Malays in fear so as to ensure they do not have to deal with a fifth column when the only fully digital armoured column in Asia starts rolling into Malaysia.