Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Israeli Army Admits Lying

When Israel tried to shift the blame to Hamas for the death of several Palestinians on a Gaza beach picnic last week that its artillery had slaughtered, thinking people would be willing to accept that lie. Israel had been demonising the Palestinians in general, and Hamas in particular, to prepare the outside world, especially Americans to readily believe the Palestinains are all terrorists.

But the Palestinians said OK, let’s asked for a UN investigation into the incident. 'Ere that could occur, Human Rights Watch, a US-based group, has already inspected the site of the explosion.

Marc Garlasco, a former Pentagon adviser who is now a military analyst with the group, said: "It is my contention that the most likely scenario is that Israeli shelling hit the area."

When asked about Israeli accusation that the blast was caused by a Palestinian mine, he said: "This is patently not the case. We are very certain that it is a 155 mm shell."

Kofi Annan also chipped to declare that the Israeli claims as ‘odd’. That's diplomacy for the Israelis lying.

After its denial of responsibility and accusation of Hamas were received with scepticism by the United Nations and elsewhere, and faced with such damning assessment by a neutral body, Israel has conceded that it might have been responsible for the Gaza beach deaths after all. It is now in full backtrack from its earlier attempt to blame Hamas.

But it still tried to put in a new slant. The military said that old Israeli ordnance could have killed the Palestinians, including an entire of five with three toddlers, last Friday. In other words it has said the explosions was caused by buried ammunition and not callous Israeli artillery firing. Do you believe them an iota?

The Israeli military and defence department have been lying through their bloody teeth for eons. As mentioned, their usual strategy has been their pre-emptive demonisation of Palestinians to demonstrate to its American sponsors that they have to deal with a people who are all bloody terrorists. I actually met an Israeli bloke who said these exact words to me.

They of course neglect to tell their American backers that they have been stealing Palestinian land and killing Palestinian children wantonly, through the callous attack on heavily populated Palestinian towns, just like the Nazis did to their European forefathers.

Remember in my posting Terrorist Midgets killed by Israeli Missile Strikes, an Israeli army spokeman had said:

"We have proceeded with detailed tests to get at the truth and it is clear that the certainty of responsibility by the Israeli army in this tragedy is diminishing more and more and that of the Palestinians increases."

Detailed test? Truth? Certainty of responsibility? You make your own judgement.

And remember what Israeli liberal newspaper Haaretz had said about the Israeli army whitewashing itself?

"The importance of the committee's findings are obviously mitigated by the fact that ultimately, the IDF is being cleared by an IDF investigation."

And remember what Ktemco said about Israeli military findings and justice, which I blogged in No Big Deal - Just Untermenschen.

Basically, don’t trust the Israeli military. They lie through their teeth.

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