Monday, June 05, 2006

Lim Keng Yaik: "Half the population not an issue!"

Here’s a man who’s completely out of touch with the common people.

Energy, Water and Communications Minister Dr Lim Keng Yaik today claimed that people have accepted the government's decision to increase the electricity rates by 12%. He even spun a thank you to them:

"On behalf of the ministry and TNB. I thank the people for accepting the increase and restructuring of electricity tariff.”

Lim KY is so thick-skinned that he obviously cannot feel the pains of the ordinary people.

It’s one thing to increase the tariffs because one have to (for whatever reasons – inefficient balls-up or unavoidable increase oil price for oil worldwide, etc) but it’s another to claim the ordinary people have accepted it.

He then went on to blame the DAP for harping on the government's decision to raise electricity tariff. But even as a spinmeister he is an abysmal failure because in the same breath he contradicted himself. He said the electricity tariff hike was not an issue as only half of the consumers would be affected by the increase.

So, even assuming his wild assertion has been true, what he has effectively said was that the other ‘half’ of the population affected doesn't matter? What an insensitive unfeeling idiot!

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  1. Very funny. I never see a man so perasan. What, he's a national leader? O my goodness. I feel more ashamed living in this country.