Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Husam Musa: "I saved Mahathir's a$$"

PAS Vice President Husam Musa has been claiming a lot of things.

Bearing in mind he’s UMNO’s political foe, he seemed to know a lot about what’s happening in the top inner circle of UMNO politics. Of course he could have his spies or even disgruntled UMNO blokes reporting to him.

On the other hand, he could be receiving what the Russians called ‘disinformation’ or deliberate bullsh*t to cause confusion.

Husam has been the man who first raised the rumours that UMNO, under PM Abdullah’s urging, would expel Dr Mahathir from the party’s membership. Now, there is not even a squeak from UNMO about the status of the party’s éminence grise.

Notwithstanding the absence of drama, Husam remained steadfast in his conviction that there was such a move by Abdullah Badawi. He averred that the UMNO president couldn’t marshal unanimous support from the party’s Supreme Council to take disciplinary action against Dr Mahathir, and then kick the former premier out.

And according to Husam, Abdullah’s best effort out of all that sinister plotting had only garnered a pledge of support for his leadership as UMNO president and prime minister.

Either Husam is putting on his best spin for his false alarm, or he could actually be privy to the truth.

Husam has even gone on step further by claiming that his pre-emptive raising of the alarm of the plot by Abdullah Badawi to expel Dr Mahathir from the party had forced UMNO to change its initial plan. It would seem that some UMNO bigwigs had experienced ‘cold feet’ at the last moment.

Therefore he had saved Mahathir from being sacked.

Now, he said that UMNO must answer the ole man’s questions on the matter surrounding the half-bridge project to Singapore - on whether Malaysia has indeed offered sand and airspace to get Singapore to agree to the project and the actual cost after cancellation.

He also criticised the cabinet for not studying carefully the financial implication of scrapping the half-bridge project, judging from the way Abdullah answered queries on the issue last week.

Indeed, at a press conference last Friday, PM Abdullah Badawi was caught by surprise when he was told of the possibility that the government may have to pay RM1.12 billion after scrapping the bridge project, when the original cost of constructing the bridge was only RM1.113 billion.

If the figures are correct, it’s the worst scandal of mismanagement and idiotic decision-making ever in recent years, to pay more not to complete a bridge than to complete it. Surely this must go into the Malaysian Book of Records for sheer profligacy and stupidity.

Was the power-that-be caught red-handed by naughty dealings and thus panicked into such an inane decision. Husam said: “The costs that government has to pay is a big loss which reflects the cabinet’s failure to handle this issues carefully and prudently.”


Husam wants the government to also reply to Mahathir’s questions on Proton, including the sale of MV Agusta for one euro. He praised Mahathir’s role in bringing up the issues publicly, and demanded that the government answer them as they are of public interest.

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