Wednesday, June 14, 2006

UMNO to sack Dr Mahathir by Monday?

Looks like the proverbial may have finally hit the fan for Dr Mahathir. UMNO could sack him by Monday when its Supreme Council convenes.

It seems that PAS vice-president Husam Musa have received information on the 'jungle telegraph' that UMNO is planning to sack its former president. He further averred that the person who will propose the expulsion will be none other than “elegant” Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, in his capacity as UMNO president.

If Abdullah Badawi does that on Monday, it will confirm my description of him as the mailed fist in the velvet glove.

Dr Mahathir will at least have the distinction of being sacked from UMNO twice. It should go into the Malaysian Book of Records.

But will that stop him from speaking out? I doubt it. It may however render him liable to an invitation to Kem Kamunting, though at his age, it would be a dodgy proposition for the AAB government, unless they don't mind having blood of an 80-year old man on their hands.

It may also make the doctor liable to police charges of corruption, sedition and 'cruelty' (though to be fair, PKR has finally come out to deny making that police report).

Husam said if the information is accurate, it will prove that the AAB is highly intolerant of criticisms and reprimands. Of course AAB has been.

Or on the other hand, perhaps someone close to AAB may be running scared that with Dr Mahathir 'browsing' relentlessly, the truth is creeping closer.

Or, perhaps AAB is feeling the heat of Mahathir's criticism and unsure of his position within UMNO, fearing that loyalties within the party could currently be shifting, and anticipating a political coup d'etat pretty soon?

Husam said: “I am exposing this information because I do not want Mahathir to be sacked. Imagine if a person like Mahathir can face such action, what more ordinary citizens?”

What I will be interested in seeing, should what Husam predict come true, would be the stand of Najib in the UMNO Supreme Council on Monday morning.

As for the rest of us non-UMNO people, let's keep our heads down low. During such a time of rumours (this time made by PAS Husam Musa) my mum would be buying kiam hoo and mucho bee.

The Real Abdullah Ahmad Badawi


  1. Just wondering why would Pak Lah do that? There is no need.

    Besides, one doesn't have to be a non-UMNO or non-Barisan Nasional in order to be arrested under ISA.

    TDM does what he wants within or without UMNO.

    And Pak Lah can do what Pak Lah wants whether or not TDM is an UMNO member.

    Dato’ Onn was no longer UMNO, yet today he is fetted.

    My 2 sen.

  2. I have speculated on a few possible reasons, but in the end, we have to remind ourselves that it's only a revelation by PAS Husam Musa.

    No doubt PAS does have its spies in UMNO, and that could be its source. How reliable those sources are remains to be seen. Then AAB might change his mind or intention by Monday. We really don't know but we can't ignore it as well.

  3. In my opinion, AAB is no where as capable as Dr Mahathir.

    For one thing, AAB would not have the gut or the political will to whack the sultans like what Dr M did in 1993 and 1983.

    At least now that we have a recourse if the sultans abuse their position.