Thursday, June 08, 2006

A Very Personal Pissed-Off Letter


Yang Amat Ber …..(strikeout)
(strike out)


We’ve been together for quite a while, so let’s cut out the sycophantic bullsh*t – we’ll leave the bodek-ing to our tambis. Besides this is a private and personal letter, unless your s-i-l opens your every mail.

And I am going straight to the guts of the matter as I did at the OIC conference when I called a spade a spade, what those pondan Europeans wanted to but dared not say out – that the problems buggered up by the Americans in the Middle East were all manipulated by people who don’t eat pork, and I am not referring to Muslims.

Karn Neen Nare, and excuse my Chinese profanity – I heard this while mingling with those Penang suckers who were bodek-ing me for increased allocation – but to the matter, you have been f**king sabo-ing me.

OK, go ahead and assume your stoic face like those Zen Masters from Fu Mountain, but listen me out. When I left, I handed over to you a kitty full of money and you have been badmouthing me to everyone that I left the house penniless with my profligate spending. Not only that, you koyak-kan my kiieow (you live in penang so you know what this means) in the south which could have developed up the place for increased economic activity. We could have screwed those kiasu bastards.

You put on airs about no more money so no-more-mega projects. Tighten up the belt and change lifetsyles and all the bullsh*t.

But why then do you go ahead with your PORRAH in the north. Yes, YOUR project! That Raja character published your private involvement on his website. Now I hear Tambi announcing a second link. So, no mega project anymore eh! My bloody foot and PORRAH to you too! Petlo-diam-as has billions so what are you talking about!

And that motorcycle company sold off – hundreds of millions for a couple of ringgit - what, do you think that compnay was kacang putih stuff? And no one knows who’s the buyer – un-bloody-traceable. What a coincidence that even before the “decision” to sell off was made, that “foreign” company was all setup and in position to buy it up. That was real Mah-Fu-Lart for all Malaysians!

Consider this as the first of my flying daggers.

Yours pissed-off


from the House of Flying Daggers


  1. LOL! Very amusing 'letter' indeed.

    And have you read those mahchais coming out one by one bodeking to the max. Truly wahlau eh!

  2. very...very... funny letter. this is one of the best from KTemoc.

    always enjoy reading your stuffs.

  3. most entertaining entry since I started following your site. Good stuff!

  4. I don't think you quite capture it. Common, he is pissed off with the IPP revelation that he is the crook. The letter should say

    You bugger letting your daughter's gigolo to f*** around with me. Calling me a crook when he and your son is the biggest crook. At least my children make new companies, your one just take contracts and sell government assets only. Want to sell our soverignity of sand and airspace to island that rightly belong to us. I also not so stupid to put my name on companies with stake in govt project. You know I lost a lot of money in financial crises and f*** many people so you cancel bridge project where my sons can recover some money. Instead, you want to bring American Disney to hot country like ours went those Ang Mos are so afraid of those PAS fanatics making trouble.

  5. Great letter Ktemoc!

    I paticularly liked your colorful "use" of pseudo-Tamil.

    How very multi-lingual of you!

    Also love how you never miss the chance to take a swipe at the Jews, like the good Dhimmi you are.

  6. All those who criticise the Zionists or rightwing Israelis (not Jews please, I may be politically leftwing but not necessary racist) are of course Dhimmis, like the British academic associations and a large number of Americans. The label is like the Israeli cry of anti-Semitism whenever anyone condemns them for brutalities and abuses.

  7. What's the difference between a Jew and a Zionist?

  8. A Jew is of a race (through mum's line) and usually but not necessarly of the faith of Judaism (there are secular Jews and even Jews who became or had been brought up as Christians, like I believe, former US Sec of State, Madeliene Albright).

    A Zionist is a follower of a political creed, with an ideology of ensuring a homeland for the Jewish people in the land where Israel is today. Zionists may be religious or secular Zionists depending upon their personal proclivity.

    Not all Jews support Zionism, even some religious Jews. Some leftwing Jewish intellectuals do not as well, while some American Jewish intellectuals such as Noam Chomsky,who support a Jewish State but don't like modern Zionism in the way it (Israel) has behaved, just like Naziism and its concept of lebenstraum (needing and grabbing Arab 'space' or land to expand for the Israeli people).