Thursday, June 29, 2006

Mandarin Scholar

Amazing stuff!

I want to send this to DPM Najib who had complained that Chinese employers were discriminating against Malay graduates because those Chinese companies' had advertised for applicants with Mandarin language ability.

18-year-old Muhammad Izwan Zulkifli has been named SMK Keat Hwa Gold Medal Award recipient, the school’s top scorer among 468 students. Yes sir, that’s a Chinese medium school.

And apart from being the first Malay student to be honoured in such a manner by the state’s premier Chinese secondary school, he scored 11 1As in the SPM examination last year.

The Sultan of Kedah Sultan Abdul Halim Mu’adzam Shah presented him with the award. Izwan is now taking up an accountancy programme at Kolej Matrikulasi Negri Sembilan.

Star Online photo

But what annoys me is that this brilliant handsome bloke couldn’t even get a scholarship for his study of accountancy, all because he did not sit for the Basic Economy paper (Kertas Ekonomi Asas).

He said: “I applied for several scholarships but was unsuccessful in all. I did not know the Basic Economy paper is a must for the accountancy scholarship.”

But his parents must have been very proud of his amazing achievement.

An outstanding aahievement 祝贺


  1. Congrats to Izwan! By the way, I think he has been careless not to take note that ekonomi asas is needed for the study of accountancy, so he had nobody but himself to blame for.

    ps: It's SMJK, not SMK Keat Hwa. I am from there, and it intrigues me how media always get it wrong. :(

  2. Oh ya, he didn't take chinese paper in SPM.