Friday, June 30, 2006

Is KJ the de facto PM?

Matthias Chang, the former political secretary of Dr Mahathir Mohamad, wants the PM to explain how his son-in-law Khairy Jamaluddin had raised RM9.2 million to acquire a 3% stake in boutique investment house ECM Libra. That bunch of dough paved the way to the merger between ECM Libra and government-linked company Avenue Capital Resources Bhd.

But, ... elegant silence!

Matthias Chang said: “Khairy is a stakeholder in ECM Libra and the prime minister is also the finance minister. Is this not corruption? What else do you need as evidence?”

Corruption? ... elegant silence!

Then Chang latched on to what Dr Mahathir had said about the 4th and 5th floor relationship of the PM, namely that the PM son-in-law is the country’s de facto prime minister.

He asked “If Khairy is not appointed by the government, why is he allowed to make decisions that affect the country’s economy?”

“No one can explain this, except the prime minister himself. Rumours are flying all over the country, this is a serious crisis.”

Serious? ... elegant silence!

He said the issues concerned Abdullah’s integrity, and therefore the PM must speak up and not direct his ministers to provide answers.

PM's integrity? ... elegant silence!

Indeed he promised that the political crisis following Mahathir’s scathing criticism of the current administration could be resolved within 24 hours if the government stopped beating around the bush and provided adequate answers to Dr Mahathir.

Well, ... elegant silence!

But hey, don’t blame the PM, because his chief hatchet man had asserted that there was no need for Numero Uno to respond.

He swore: “We can’t keep quiet if Tun Mahathir continues criticising. Every minister has to defend the decision. It is not my sole responsibility, but we won’t allow our prime minister to answer.”

There you have it. No one will be allowed to tamper with that beautiful elegant silence. Only thing is, which PM had he been referring to?


  1. Abdullah was practicsing elegant silence for the past couples of months ; and now he is using the tactics of elegant disappearance ?

  2. Where was this Matthias Chang during those 22 years ? Obviously in elegant silence !!

  3. When the going gets tough, the tough go on holiday

    ... albeit, with a little nasal surgery on the side...