Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Does any reader know which is the MOST bombed country in the world?
Iraq? Germany during WWII? Japan during WWII? Serbia during the Bosnia conflict? Vietnam?

No, all wrong.

According to Connie Levett, correspondent for the Sydney Morning Herald, it’s Laos.

In her article, Laos was bombed with 2 million tonnes of bombs during a so-called ‘secret war’ (but not secret to the poor Laotian) by the Americans against the communists. More bombs were dropped on this poor 3rd world nation than all the bombs dropped on Germany and Japan combined during World War II.

Trust it to the Yanks to achieve the dubious superlative. What the term ‘secret war’ means is that the operation was either not approved by Congress or not publicised. A nation doesn’t bomb another nation it hasn’t declared war against - well, let me rephrase that - it shouldn't!

Unfortunately for the Laotians, some 30% of the bombs did not detonate and lurk everywhere anywhere across Laotian paddie fields and mountains till today. Extremely unpleasant junk lying in the Laotian compound, chucked there by an international vandal.

Read this article to appreciate the irresponsibility of the world’s biggest vandal, (another more deserving superlative) who has thus far done buggerall to remove their sh*t from Laos. At least Australia has contributed Aus$75 million for the cleanup.

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