Monday, August 15, 2005

General, How Dare You Tell The Truth!

“You bloody dumbo, you have just let the cat out of the bag. Twit.”

This must have been what the poor general was told. The top American commander in Iraq has been reprimanded by the big brass for speaking out the truth, that the US was tucking its tail between its hind legs and retreating from Iraq, and in a very surreptitious manner.

General George Casey, the US ground commander in Iraq, had stated that troop numbers could be reduced by 30,000 in the early months of next year down to just 100,000. But he didn't realise that it doesn’t do to let everyone know that. In the war based on a pack of lies, truth has never been welcomed.

Ask former Ambassador Joseph Wilson and his CIA wife Valerie Plame, and various State Department officals threatened by John Bolton. Read this report on how the White House punished people for speaking out the truth – the truth that young Americans were sent to war on fabricated allegations, abetted by British prime minister Tony Blair.

So to perpetuate the lie, President George Bush had to personally step in and reject the general's troops withdrawal declaration. Apparently the general was given a tongue lashing in private.

Bush and his cohorts don’t want to discuss any exit strategy as they fear that would convey an American weakening resolve, which so happens to be the reality. In my previous post, I mentioned about the trauma the heartland of America is experiencing when 21 young Americans from one town or particular area were decimated within a week by the insurgency in Iraq. It’s Vietnam all over again. Bush knows he has to get out, the sooner the better.

So Bush put on a brace face and pretended that the US would not withdraw troops from Iraq so soon as he would not betray the people of that country, which incidentally his air force had bombed to high heaven and his troops had shot to shreds.

Bush uttered "The terrorists cannot defeat us on the battlefield. The only way they can win is if we lose our nerve. That will not happen on my watch."

Brave talk which doesn’t reflect the true state of affairs. Bush realises he is rapidly losing support as Lyndon Johnson did during the Vietnam War.

Oh, by the way, the Bush Administration is now backtracking itself from the claim that it will spread US-style democracy like dominos as it realises the Shiites will impose a theocratic state in Iraq a la Iran, and there’s buggerall it can do about it.

Hmmm, what happened to that "Island of Freedom and Democracy?"

Iraqi women will be the biggest losers, thanks to the Bush neo-cons, particularly Paul Wolfowitz. Read my next post on this.

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