Friday, August 05, 2005

Koreans Clone Dog - But for What?

Cloning experts throughout the world produced cloned mice, rabbits, pigs, cows, cats and one horse, but the Koreans did one better – a dog. Apparently the uniqueness of the canine reproductive system has made it extremely difficult to clone one, but the Koreans have succeeded.

The only suspicion I have about this scientific achievement is the knowledge that Koreans like to eat dogs ;-) Are we seeing the beginning of a search for one great tasty doggie, obtaining its DNA and then cloning same to please every food connoisseur in Korea?

My suspicion grows even more when the South Korean researchers emphasized that their goal was not to reproduce beloved pets. The researchers' primary aim was to develop genetically identical laboratory dogs for the study of animal and human diseases.

Or, for the table? ;-)


  1. To eat of course! And they will clone the best ones, so they get consistency of the palate!