Wednesday, August 17, 2005

British Cops' Execution of Brazilian - Lies Exposed

British ITV News has confirmed what we all knew along, that British Police had been pretty gungho when it murdered a Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes shortly after the second London Tube bombing.

ITV News found out that Police made a catastrophic failure in the surveillance operation, which led officers to incorrectly identified de Menezes as one of the ‘failed’ bombers.

ITV News obtained secret documents and photographs from the shooting on July 22. The CCTV footage and eyewitness accounts indeeed supported de Menezes’ relatives’ protests against Police lies.

It showed that the Brazilian was not wearing a padded jacket. On top of that de Menezes was walking calmly through the underground station barriers. It exposed the Police lies that he was running away, wore a bulky jacket which could have concealed a bomb, and had to be restrained before he was shot.

Apparently the officers was given clearance to kill de Menezes. They rushed after him and even then, de Menezes seemed completely unaware that he was being trailed.

Police declined to comment on the ITV report.

If the ITV News is correct, it is blatant murder. But then, we knew that all along.



  1. Seven in the head, one in the shoulder.

  2. I cannot believe people actually read the shit u "write" about.

  3. neither would I had I not read the newspaper - we are born with eyes and a brain - use them wisely ;-) rather than bury one's head in the sand.

  4. Jon, you are right about the 7 + 1, but I enjoy blogger's licence to make a more dramatic impact ;-)

    Afterall de Menezes wouldn't know the difference. And it won't make an iota of a difference to him or his family.

  5. Yes, but we shouldn't deviat from the truth either which is something you are trying to do. :)

  6. ;-) Jon, there are several forms of "Truth"

    (1) pedantic or technical truth - OK, I was one-eight or 12.5% out, by saying 8 instead of 7 bullets were pumped into de Menezes' head

    (2) general truth - I am OK here, on safe grounds

    Have I told an untruth by mentioning 7 rather than 8 bullets were shot into his head? Perhaps I should be a bit more vague, like stating "... almost 10 bullets were pumped into the poor bloke's head ..."

    ;-) but thanks for correcting me.