Thursday, August 25, 2005

Evangelist called Prophet Muhammad a Robber & Brigand

Bush’s Christian Right ally evangelist Pat Robertson, apart from calling for the assassination of Venezuelan President Chavez, has stated that feminists are lesbians, mum killers and witches. He has also pronounced that such women would leave their husbands and kill their children, and worst of all, destroy capitalism. That last “crime” is serious stuff for Bush and his neo-cons.

To him, homosexuals practice Satanism and Nazism - told so you, that Hitler was a homo ;-)

But there’s hope for the 9/11 terrorists, who are of course now very dead. Robertson believes they weren’t the worst people. He reckons that American activist judges threaten the USA more than just a few bearded terrorists who fly into buildings and killed 3000 people. It’s surpriisng he hasn’t yet ask for their assassination – no oil maybe?

Then he called Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) a robber and brigand.

Christian Evangelist says Kill Chavez

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