Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Helping Tony Blair's Anti Treason Drive

British PM, Tony Blair suffered a serious setup in his desperate attempts to invoke an old British treason law to trial British extremist Islamists.

Both sides of Parliament are pissed off with Blair’s government for resorting to stupid ideas. The British have no intentions of going the American way and losing the very freedom that the whole anti-terrorism drive has been all about.

Had Blair had his way like Bush did in the USA, the terrorists would have won.

Mind you The Guardian newspaper yesterday reported that the British may yet adopt anti-terrorism courts sitting in secret to decide whether a suspect ought to be detained with out charges a la Guantanamo Bay.

I have also hear that Blair may re-introduce drowning in the village pond to determine who is an Islamic terrorist. If the suspect drowns, it proves he is not a devil and thus a Christian and hallelujah, his soul is saved. But if he somehow survives the drowning, he must be in league with Syaitan, and will be burned at the stake, and may God bless his rotten soul.

OK ;-) I lied about the last paragraph. But since Blair has attempted to invoke centuries ye olde English laws, I thought I’ll be helpful by reminding him of another old English custom.

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