Monday, August 08, 2005

A Tale of Two US Soldiers!

Poor brave little sweet Jessica Lynch.

The American defence Force turned her into a heroine, fighting to her last bullet against a horde of nasty Iraqi leering lustful monsters, even though she was severely wounded.

The truth was she was left by Iraqi soldiers in the care of an Iraqi hospital. She hadn’t even fired one single shot. The hospital staff tried to contact the Americans and even transported her by ambulance to an American checkpoint where the vehicle was fired upon by trigger happy US troops – the Iraqi driver had to scoot back to the hospital, which then sent word to the Americans about Jessica Lynch.

Eventually she was retrieved by the US military – no Iraqi military was in fact around when that happened.

But the publicity hungry US Defence Department staged a Hollywood style rescue, with ‘pretend’ threats and massive helio operations, landing and charging their so-called crack troops into the hospital, kicking down doors and frightening the hell out of hospital patients, nurses and doctors. Not one Iraqi soldier was around. But there were plenty of TV cameras.

Spin City in America went wild with the sweet looking white girl, the charming sweetie next door, now an all-American hero, a national icon. They pinned a Bronze Medal on her, gave her 80% of her pay as pension, and feted this amazing wonder woman. Book deals and whatnots rewarded the all-American girl.

But to be fair to Jessica Lynch, she and her family have been honest all the while, right from Day 1. They have never supported the spin bullshit. They told the truth – there was no heroic or heroism by her. Today Jessica Lynch said she felt being used – it used to bother her but she doesn’t care anymore.

In the meanwhile, together with Lynch, another woman was also involved in the unfortunate engagement with the Iraqis whom they bumped into when they were lost while transporting supplies. Shoshanna Johnson was shot in both her legs. She was held captive longer than Lynch. By contrast, she received only 30% of her pay as pension. She’s black.

Read this report of A Tale of Two Soldiers and understand the mentality of the American Defence Department.

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