Friday, August 19, 2005

Red Sea Missile Attack on US Navy Ship

Lately the Red Sea resorts have been under attack. Just last month, the Egyptians suffered 88 killed in terrorist bomb attacks at their holiday town at Sharm al-Sheikh.

Now, unknown attackers have shot 2 missiles, one at a US Navy ship, USS Ashland, at Jordan's Aqaba port and another at the Israeli port of Eilat, which is 9 km across the water from Aqaba. The attacks were coordinated.

Aqaba is a logistics hub for Iraq, used by the US military for moving logistic supplies into Iraq. The two USN ships were there on exercise with the Jordanian Navy.

The missile missed the American vessel but hit a nearby warehouse. The Ashland and sister amphibious ship the USS Kearsarge upped their anchors immediately and left Aqaba like the Star Trek USS Enterprise at Warp speed.

One Jordanian soldier died in hospital from wounds suffered from the missile attacks. The missiles were launched from Jordanian territory.

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