Sunday, August 28, 2005

Chavez Samba's with Chinese

Maybe this has been worrying the Americans sick. Maybe this has been what triggered evangelist Pat Robertson to call for the assassination of the Venezuelan president? And a lot of other maybe’s ….. that stretched all the way across the globe to Iraq, Iran and the Central Asian region, which we’ll leave for the time being.

No, no, it's not the decadent sexy yummy samba ;-)

China’s state oil companies and Venezuela have signed agreement to co-invest in oilfields in the South American country.

Venezuela said it can supply 15 to 20% of China's oil import needs, which is a humungous amount and an equally humungous headache for the USA.

The Americans consider Venezuela as part of its backyard, and has tried on numerous occasions to unseat the popular Hugo Chavez – why? Because of Venezuelan oil, that the USA considers as rightfully its own or at least for it to have first preference. How dare Chavez gives it to those Chinese.

If the Americans have treated Chavez with some respect and pay the appropriate price instead of resorting to its old formula of manipulating ‘regime change’ to suit its own interest for cheap oil, it would not have driven Chavez into the Chinese welcoming arms. Ole!

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