Saturday, August 20, 2005

Bloody Execution, Bloody Liar, Blood Money

This prominent man has been publicly accused of being a liar. The man?

London Metropolitan Police Chief Sir Ian Blair.

The cousin of police-victim Jean Charles de Menezes has accused Ian Blair of telling lies. He wants Blair to resign. Newspapers around the world have screamed in their headlines "London Police Chief Sir Ian Blair is a Bloody Liar."

Ian Blair must be responsible for the litany of British police lies about the killing of Jean Charles de Menezes since he sprouted them. He had also attempted to cancel and, failing that, delay the independent inquiry. In the latter case he succeeded with 6 crucial days, possibly causing vital evidence to "disappear".

Without the conscience of an inquiry whistleblower, the disgraceful affair might have been concealed in typical British Hutton-ized fashion. The police chief's unbelievable and questionable conduct over the execution of an innocent man has so provoked the Brazilian government that they have send a team of official investigators including two judges to London to meet directly with the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC).

The Brazilians could no longer trust the British Police to come up with anything truthful. They have been pretty p*ssed off with the British government keeping them in the dark on the murder of one of its citizens.

de Menezes’ cousin accuses the British police of murder. He wants those responsible to be prosecuted. Asad Rehman, from the Justice4Jean campaign, added that Ian Blair's integrity had been called into question by the whole sordid affair. He added that Blair was no longer capable of being responsible for his force.

The lawyers for the de Menezes family fear that though the IPCC inquiry would take only 6 weeks, the British government could hold back public release of the report deliberately for years and perhaps publish it sometimes in 2008.

The Head of the IPCC inquiry has told them that he can’t release the report which would have to go to the coroner and then the Crown Prosecution Service and cannot be published until a decision has been taken on an inquest. This is the part where the British government can sit on it indefinitely.

de Menezes family in Brazil has rejected the US$1 million compensation, declaring that it was blood money to buy their silence over the murder of their son Jean Charles.

But Ian Blair rejected the resignation calls, and instead now attempted to divert public attention back to the London bombings by suggesting a possible link between the July 7 and July 21 attacks. He did this despite evidence to the contrary, that there has been Hutton Inquiry whitewash of the “sex-up” bullsh*t about Saddam’s 45 minutes capability to destroy Britain.

The blatant whitewash has become such a cynical joke that people now uses the term “Hutton-ize” or “Hutton-ization” to imply official whitewashing.

And across the Atlantic, as an example of big power arrogance, we have seen how a Nazi-like US soldier has been allowed to get away scot-free by a military court after he had tortured and murdered two Afghans at the US Bagram Air Base. It's another American My Lai whitewash disgrace all over again.

Note: I have 'repaired' the last few paragraphs which suffered from coherence due to missing sentences, though I had published them early this morning.

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  1. Behind their polished manners Brits have always been murderers. This is how they got to colonize the world. I have an idea of what the world should do: Brazil and Latin America (and all other countries that care) should threaten to boycott the London Olympics unless full justice is delivered on this case. Even if the boycott never happens, I think that citizen rallies on the streets and the publicity they will get will force the Brits to change their tune.