Friday, August 05, 2005

Brothers of the Talibans

Eden Natan Zaada, a young Israeli soldier, just a mere 19 years old, but a religious fanatical member of the outlawed extremist Kach party, felt strongly against the Gaza pullout. His religious indoctrination undoubtedly made him hate the Arabs. He deserted his unit, but still armed with his military issued weapon, went onto a bus full of Arabs and started spraying bullets, killing 4 Arab Israelis. The crowd caught and lynched him.

What a senseless tragedy, a youth in the prime of his life killed because of religious instigated hatred and aggression towards another ethnic group. What a senseless killing of 4 other Israelis for no apparent reason than the misguided religious motivation to dominate so-called biblical land, and hate others.

10 years ago, another extremist Israeli,
Baruch Goldstein went into a Hebron mosque and murdered 29 Arabs.

Goldstein was an arsehole – he was a doctor, no doubt a military doctor serving in the Israeli Armed Forces, yet he refused to treat non-Jews, even those who were members of his own armed forces. That fanatic stated publicly:

“I am not willing to treat any non-Jew. I recognize as legitimate only two [religious] authorities: Maimonides and Kahane.”

Even the Talibans were not that bad. Yet, at his funeral, his rabbi said:

“Goldstein was full of love for fellow human beings. He dedicated himself to helping others. Goldstein could not continue to bear the humiliations and shame nowadays inflicted upon us; this was why he took action for no other reason than to sanctify the holy name of God.”

Full of love? That fanatic was full of hate! He murdered unarmed civilians at their prayers. In bullsh*tting through that eulogy the rabbi was a liar of the worst kind, lying in the face of his own God.

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