Tuesday, August 30, 2005

No Hijab but lovely Body Paint

Australian model Michelle Leslie, who has been arrested in Bali for possession of ecstacy pills, has not only worn a hijab, but gone on to wearing a black burqa dress and pants that concealed her face and covered her from head to toe while she was led from her police cell in Bali.

Now she apologises to Australia's Islamic community for any offence caused by her decision to adopt Muslim dress. Why apologise? Why should a Muslim wearing a Muslim dress use the word 'adopt'? What for? Isn’t she a Muslim afterall, as she has claimed?

We have seen an escalation of her Muslim-ness. First, it was just a sarong to shield her face. Then the sarong became a hijab. Then to make sure no one in Indonesia misses her repeated pronouncement of her Muslim affiliation, she upgraded her apparel to the mysterious exotic burga.

Her spokesman said that the Australian media's reporting of her attire had been provocative, set to annoy Aussie Muslims. Could it because they don’t believe she’s Muslim?

Well, her spokesman said Leslie embraced Islam a year ago after practising the religious obligations for 6 months prior to her conversion.

This wasn’t how the Aussie media see it, as they suggested that she was opportunistic and laid claim as a Muslim to curry favour with the Indon authorities in Indonesia. Her spokesman strenously denied such pretences. In fact he revealed that poor Leslie had sought refuge in God (Allah, man, Allah, not God) to help her through her current shitty situation.

Additionally the burga also prevented unwanted attention from journalists, cell mates and prison guards. Her spokesman claimed that her cellmates were jealous of her good looks. And the guards stared and stared, and even wanted to touch her. Ahaaa, surely that last part should garnered lots of sympathy from hot-headed Aussie males. How dare any Indons touch an Aussie darling.

Click here to see Michelle Leslie walking down the catwalk in all her “painted” glory, but sorry, her hijab “dropped off” somewhere behind her.

Dressed Only in Body Paint … & a Hijab?


  1. I'm sick of people going off at this girl. What the hell are people angry at? That she was smart? Anyone who says they wouldn't do what ever it took to stay out of an Indonesian jail forever for such a minor thing (if they weren't planted) is a complete hypocrite!

  2. To understand why people dislike her, apart from the religious bull, read this http://ktemoc.blogspot.com/2005/11/shut-up-michelle-leslie.html