Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Disgraced Aussie Pollie Failed Sepukku Attempt

John Brodgen, the disgraced Australian politician of NSW State, who resigned from his Opposition post after making a racial slur on Helen Carr, wife of former NSW premier, has attempted suicide.

He was rushed to hospital where he is now in safe conditions.

Prior to his resignation, Brodgen had, after several drinks, cast a nasty remark on Malaysian born Helen Carr, referring to her as Bob Carr’s “mail-order bride.” Helen is highly respected in Australia both sides of politics.


  1. Sympathy cry? What an idiot...

  2. KTemoc: It's Helena.

    cypher: racism, n. "1. The belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior to others. 2. Discrimination or prejudice based on race."

    Considering mail-order bride typically conjures up images of Russians and Eastern Europeans in North America, hard to say that it was a racist comment. He is definitely attacking Helena Carr's national heritage, but racial? Had Helena Carr was from, say, Ukraine, I don't think his comments would have been any different.

    Still offensive, still uncalled for. Still meriting the end of his political career. But "offensive" isn't synonymous for "racist".

    Both Johns may have been offensive, xenophobic turds, but it doesn't mean they're racist.

  3. Thanks for the correction on "Helena". She's referred to frequently as "Helen" too, but of course you're absolutely correct on her name.

    Xenophobic not racist?

  4. Well, it is possible. Helena could be white and he still could have said the same thing. I mean, he was drunk - if he was truly racist and willing to go so low as to "mail-order bride" - why not an explicitly racist comment?

    Personally, I think he was just intending to insult Bob and Helena. If Helena was a born and bred white Australian, he would come up with something else equally as offensive. In any case, getting drunk in the presence of journalists ought to be enough to end his political career.