Sunday, August 07, 2005

London Bombings - Brit Ignored Saudi Warnings

More than 55 people, including an Aussie bloke, Sam Ly, were killed in the July 7 London Tube bombings and and on a double-decker bus.

Now it has been revealed that British police had received warnings about the terrorist plans several weeks (in April to May) before the July bombings. Saudi officials have released information that they had told their British counterparts MI5 and MI6, Britain's domestic and foreign intelligence agencies respectively.

The Saudi ambassador to Britain, Prince Turki al-Faisal, confirmed the intelligence reports of British officials being told of a ‘heightened expectancy of attacks’ on London . The Saudis extracted the information from terrorism suspects in Saudi Arabia

Needless to say, British security sources played down the reports, with even one unrevealed source telling the British newspaper, The Observer, that British officials 'categorically' deny receiving any specific information about the July 7 attacks.

The Foreign Office or the Home Office is keeping mum about this revelation, as we would expect them to about their intelligence f***up. Tony Blair has previously rejected suggestions of an intelligence failure, but we know Bliar, don’t we.

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