Monday, August 15, 2005

King of Char Siew Pau

This is bloody awesome.

Char Siew Pau may be a Chinese delicacy but a Japanese showed that he could eat more of these goodies in the shortest time than anyone.

Takeru Kobayashi, a healthy 27 years old weighing an envious 144 pounds, guzzled 100 roast pork buns in 12 minutes in the final round of an eating contest in Hong Kong on Sunday.

Wah, Hoe Yeh!

He demolished the Chinese steamed buns to beat five other local contestants. I feel 100 may be a bit too much for yours truly – I think I could force myself to eat 4 or 5 pau’s but after that I would have to lie down and stroke my tummy, or preferably get a SYT to do it for me.

Apart from a great meal, Takeru won a cash prize of 20,000 Hong Kong dollars. Now don’t say it was easy money, because he had to eat 83 palm-sized vegetarian dumplings during the semis on Saturday. He did that in eight minutes, but admitted that was more of a challenge than the finals. Hmmm, it seems he likes a bit of pork rather than just veggie.

The Japanese speed-eater is also five-times the international hot dog-eating champion. He holds the world record with 53 1/2 frankfurters in 12 minutes. I am asking for a description of what happened after he ate the last ½ sausage.

First runner-up Johnny Wu just achieved a pathetic 47 buns. Chinese pride has taken a major stumble with measly mouth or measly tummy. Quite frankly, I tremble to know how many sushi Takeru Kobayashi can eat. Aiyah, this is one guy you probably wouldn't invite home for dinner.

Oh, BTW, I wonder whether they removed the paper on the bottom of the pau’s?

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