Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Dinosaurs on Noah's Ark?

In Arkansas, USA, there is a new museum of ‘earth history’. You walk in and learn that once upon a time, dinosaurs and humans did coexist. It also teaches that baby dinosaurs were on board Noah's Ark. The author of Genesis had merely forgotten to put that fact into the good Book.

Not to be outdone, Texas and Kentucky are building similar museums. BTW, these are Bush's country. Gallup Poll found out that 45% of Americans believe about 10,000 years ago human beings were created by God exactly as in their current forms, and did not evolve from apelike Neandertals like those satanic antropologists or Darwinists claimed.

All these stuff are called intelligent design, another name for creation theory a la the Book of Genesis.

President George Bush of course supports strongly the teaching of intelligent design in school. The US press told him to f*** off, and as they termed it, managed to hold off the Christian Taliban. But these creationists are not giving up. More US States are legislating for creationism to be taught at schools - now you know why the USA blindly supports the Hebraic Israel.

Just in case you think it’s confined to the American brand of Christianity, the Catholic Church has waded in, supporting creationism, with one top cleric stating that any system of thought that denies or seeks to explain away the overwhelming evidence for design in biology is ideology, not science. Though I believe they have gotten their facts the wrong way around (ie. whose science versus whose ideology), the Pope disagrees with me and indicates that he supports creationism.

Then down under, in good ole Australia, the last bloody place for creationism, Australia’s education minister, Brendan Nelson, stated that he is quite happy with schools teaching intelligent design. What sort of 'design'? ;-)

G Thomas Sharp, chairman of the Creation Truth Foundation, told the Chicago Tribune, "if we lose Genesis as a legitimate scientific and historical explanation for man, then we lose the validity of Christianity. Period.”

Therefore according to this people, Christianity is under siege, because the facts of Genesis have been under attack by those so-called silly scientists.

The creationists demand from the opposition evidence to prove that Genesis was not true, and then of course conveniently ignore those evidence when presented to them.

While one can understand why 45% of Americans still believe in the tooth fairy and Santa Claus, I have been amazed by the Catholic Church’s support of things like little green elves. What happened to intellectuals like the Jesuits? Why are they mum on this issue?

Of course it's easy to explain why the Aussie minister Brendan Nelson, a pollie notorious for his open ambition to become prime minister, supports creationism. He sees a growing electoral following of fundamentalist Christians, and mate, to him, a vote is a vote, so perhaps that explains the strange Aussie statement.

Hmmm, I am going to hang up my stockings and place my tooth (plastic - made in Shenzhen) under my pillow, just in case. You know, intelligent design ;-)


  1. There is this joke going around DNA-logists (whatever their profession is called)that when they're done decrypting the DNA, it's actually a message from Intelligent Design saying : "It was me all along. Fooled ya, signed From Above"

    Naturally, it's a sarcastic joke.
    You know, when Intelligent Design comes to play, science dies. Badly. No. Science gets stabbed in the chest, run over by a 2 ton truck, and is then shot and flogged and hanged. Then finally science is brought to an electric chair, and they electrocute science.

    Why don't they try Intelligent Design that is not based on Christian myths? Say, Norse myths? But, no... if they tried Intelligent Design based on Norse Myths, they'd be called Heretics, and this form of Intelligent Design would be called "Against Science"

  2. I prefer ancient Greek religion - remember, one man's myth is another's religion ;-)

    Why Greek's? They seemed so uninhibited ;-)

  3. I prefer the Chinese legends.. Pan Gu... and gang. Egyptian myth is overrated

  4. I prefer flying spaghetti monster.

  5. "Though I believe they have gotten their facts the wrong way around (ie. whose science versus whose ideology), the Pope disagrees with me and indicates that he supports creationism."

    You might want to read up on this, friend. Pope John Paul II stated back in 1994 or '95 that evolution does not contradict faith. A similar statement was made by a pope in the '60s, and I can assure you that pure evolution is taught in American Catholic schools (has been since at least the 80s when my brothers and I were educated) with "theistic evolution" taught in the religious classes. Theistic evolution is religious teaching meant to rectify some of the faith questions (why does the bible say this but faith says that? -- no, no. see? the bible actually says this...) that one might have and never attempts to contradict the sciences. More related to this has happened over the recent year, long after your original post (church of england and catholics both made statements), but you were never right about the Catholic Church, even then.