Friday, August 26, 2005

To Sir, With Shame

There is a sh*tbag in Vijaywada, a town in the southern Andhra Pradesh state of India, who called himself a school headmaster. Unfortunately he was actually one. His name is Srinivas Rao, and he used to threaten his teenage girl students with caning, even if they have been innocent of any misconduct.

However, he was willing to let them escape the threatened corporal punishment if they did exactly as he instructed them – namely, to strip naked and pose for him, while he photographed their nudity. Let it not be said he was technologically backward for he used a digital camera, and sent the pictures to a pornographic website. And of course he kept a copy for himself on his own computer.

I am not sure how long he was able to get away with this bullying paedophilic outrage, but it’s reported that he victimised 16 girls before he was eventually caught and thrashed by enraged parents. Maybe there had been more victims with some just too ashame to report the abuse, India being India.

I hope they whacked that sh*tbag real good.

After walloping him, the parents garlanded him with slippers, apparently a big insult in India. They then took him to a police station to be charged. It’s a pity they didn’t castrate him as well, and then take a photo of his c*ckless groin and post it on those sadist websites.


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