Tuesday, August 23, 2005

British Police Tampered with CCTV Tape Evidence?

"This should be bigger than just calling for Sir Ian Blair to go. We need to find out exactly what happened. Who was telling the lies? How did this come about?"

- Claire Short, former Labour Cabinet minister

When ITV News revealed the blatant lies made by the London Police to deliberately demonise an innocent man they had executed, because of their lack of due diligence and gross error in their procedures and conduct, the whole affair blew up with megaton-ish fallout.

The once-vaunted integrity of the British Bobbies has now been cast to the winds as its London Metropolitan Chief permitted the perpetuation of those lies - even allowing for his claims that he came to know the true facts only much later.

Incidentally I find it extremely difficult to believe a Police Chief in the midst of a hunt for terrorists wasn't apprised of the true facts almost immediately after the mistaken execution, rather than the 24 hours lag he claimed to have suffered from.

The leaks purported made by a whistleblower from the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) inquiry have raised a number of serious questions about the police dodgy operation and their (lack of) honesty following that terrible event.

We all also know that the Police Chief Ian Blair tried to stop the independent inquiry, and then having failed to do so, made efforts to delay it. In the second case, he succeeded for 6 days. Complaints have arisen that vital evidence were lost during that delay.

Related to the loss of vital evidence, yesterday, sources (whistleblowers) from the London Transport claimed that CCTV tapes from Stockwell station which were handed over to police immediately after the drastic execution were later described as "blank". This is bullsh*t. There are now grave suspicions that the CCTV tapes could have been interfered. The tapes are believed to have vital footage of the incident.

Lawyers for the de Menezes family have accused the police of tampering with key scenes before they handed the tapes over to the IPCC.

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