Thursday, August 11, 2005

Iraq - Another same old American story

There have been so many Iraqis and Americans killed in Iraq on a daily basis, but I want to touch upon a Tuesday incident.

10 Iraqi policemen were killed, shot dead in five separate insurgent attacks. One reason for the Iraqi police poor performance, which I have blogged earlier, has been their poor weapons, a consequence of corruption in the upper echelon of the new Iraqi interim government. Funds to procure weapons disappeared into ministers’ pockets while the poor bloody bastards who have to patrol the streets and man checkpoints are armed only with ancient pieces. It's a wonder those weapons haven't blown up in their faces yet.

How the hell does the Iraqi government expect these poorly armed and inadequately trained police and security forces to take over from the US military when they could hardly defend themselves against the insurgent attacks. Hundreds of the new Iraqi security forces have already been slaughtered.

There was a news report yesterday that the Iraqi police are now afraid of going out to do their duties. I can’t blame them. They need more personnel and better equipment and training. These poor guys are like cannon fodder, serving only as practice targets for the insurgents, while US and Iraqi politicians make brave talk about handing & taking over a mess that the Americans created. As usual, the US will leave their provoked chaos for the locals to manage while they hightail for home - once again. Another same old American story.

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