Thursday, August 18, 2005

The Unsuspecting Suspect & The Eager Executioner

"He was carrying nothing; he was wearing nothing that would suggest that he was hiding explosives. He was enabled to travel all the way down the escalators and get on to a Tube, and he was shot with the intention of killing him."

- Harriet Wistrich, lawyer for the de Menezes family

The sinister story of the cold blooded execution of Jean Charles de Menezes continues.

Harriet Wistrich, solicitor for the family of Mr de Menezes, said she was terrified by the information that the leaked documents to ITV News revealed.

She asked plaintively:

"What sort of society are we living in where we can execute suspects?"

Indeed. Perhaps one with an Israeli-trained police force?

She was annoyed with the lie that the police put out as public information. Every detail, except for the fact of a very very dead de Menezes, was entirely wrong and misleading.

For example, de Menezes didn’t run away from police as alleged by police. She further added that the police provided incorrect information to the pathologist who carried out the post-mortem examination on de Menezes.

In the leaked documents including a video obtained by ITV News de Menezes was observed to stroll normally and pick up a newspaper on his fatal walk to the Tube. He then used a travelcard to pass through the ticket barrier of a London Tube station. This proves the lie by the Police that he had run away when challenged, then vaulted the barriers and sprinted down the escalators.

Again, the leaked documents showed what his cousin had said all along, that de Menezes was wearing a blue denim jacket, exposing the deceitful fabrication of the police that he was wearing a bulky winter coat that could have concealed bombs.

Amazingly, the surveillance officers had actually failed to identify him. The one who was supposed to identify de Menezes as he left the flat was having a piss at that particular moment while another claimed de Menezes had ‘distinctive Mongolian eyes’. Yet they targeted him.

A former police Flying Squad commander, John O'Connor commented on BBC that the leaked report was a public relations disaster for the London Police Commissioner. He suggested that heads would roll on this BIG LIE, and Sir Ian Blair would be under pressure to resign - unless, of course, another Hutton-ised report could be issued.

O'Connor added that had the normal procedures been followed, where a warning would normally be given with officers wearing specially marked clothing then de Menezes might not have been killed. But alas, they adopted an Israeli police tactic which doesn’t recognise the opposition as normal human beings.

You now wonder whether the deliberate leak of de Menezes "expired" visa was another lie?

But the most horrendous item in the revealed papers has been the report that de Menezes was already restrained before he was shot 8 times.

ITV News provided a chilling account of what happened in the train after de Menezes had sat down. The report quoted a police surveillance officer, the one who wrapped his arms around Menezes to restrain him in his seat, as saying:

"I grabbed the male in the denim jacket by wrapping both my arms around his torso, pinning his arms to his side. I then pushed him back on to the seat where he had been previously sitting ... I then heard a gun shot very close to my left ear and was dragged away onto the floor of the carriage."

As I mentioned in a much earlier post, could it have been the desire of the police to “get” at least one of the bombers, or was there a ‘conflict of interest’ where the police who killed de Menezes had a family member, relative or friend hurt or even killed in the London bombings?

The London bobbies were once the most respected and trusted security force in the world, but today one wonders what standards they have stumbled down to.

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