Friday, August 12, 2005

Arrested for F***ing Rabbits!

Australians like to make jokes about their Tran Tasman neighbour, the Kiwis, as sheep-bonkers, because New Zealand has more sheep than people. It’s a friendly competitive joke among two very close nations. Needless to say, the Kiwis have some names for the Aussies too.

But that joke has turned into a rather ugly fact. A Kiwi-born bloke who lives in Sydney, as many Kiwis do, has been charged in court for bestiality, meaning he f***s animals.

Bloke f***s rabbits of all things.

Apart from the lewd act, he was charged with cruelty to 17 rabbits, having mutilated them, of course on their sexual organs. Oh, there was a guinea pig involved as well.

Police began to investigate into the matter after they discovered skinned dead and dying rabbits in a laneway near the well-known Circular Quay last month. Police have reasons to believe that some rabbits had been thrown from some height into the laneway.

The bloke, Brendan Francis McMahon, worked in a building next to the lane, on the first floor. He is the director of a financial planning and mortgage brokerage company.

Worried about the bizarre and cruel mutilations (remember what I said in a previous post about Westerners' care for creatures), detectives eventually traced him through the city pet stores. That dumbo bought the rabbits with a credit card.

Incidentally Brendan Francis McMahon is highlighted on his company website as a former Bachelor of the Year winner. Maybe that was his problem.

BTW, no sheep was involved ;-)


  1. hahaha. This is something you don't hear everyday.

  2. This is pretty funny. I saw the a documentry of "The People vs Larry Flint" and Woody Harrelson said that Larry Flint reported that his first sexual experience was with a chicken. perhaps this perp should claim that Penthouse made him do it?

  3. Of course indulging in bestiality is one thing, but skinning and mutilating the sexual organs of rabbits, guinea pigs and throwing them down from the first floor of a building is another altogether terrible thing.

    I don't know whether it's true but the many detective novels I've read all said such people are potential serial killers.

    Silence of the Rabbits?