Saturday, August 20, 2005

Americans Abandon Ship

The Americans are so desperate about their mounting disastrous combat attrition in Iraq that, apart from sending paratroopers to Iraq to beef up their weakening military situation (but on the pretext that they’ll be there to guard prisons – paratroopers guard prisons? Surgical scalpel to chop firewood?), they have abandoned their vows of implementing American style secular democracy in Iraq.

Furthermore, the Republican Party is looking nervously at next year's Congressional elections. They may be decimated with the current growing anti-war movement galvanised by Cindy Sheehan, a mother of a young soldier slain in Iraq.

Hey, what happened to the Bush Administration's promise to make Iraq an 'island of freedom and democracy' in the region?

They want the Iraqi constitution in place and then hand over the whole sorry mess back to the Iraqis. As one American said, the US will be more than happy to hand over to another ‘Saddam Hussein’ and his torture and executions, and f*** the Iraqi people and democracy.

But we have blogged here on several posts why the various ethnic groups cannot agree on the constitution. The main problem is federalism, making the new Iraq a federation of many autonomous states, each with their own private army. The Sunnis and the al Sadr Shiite faction do not want federalism while the pro-American Kurds and the majority of Shiites (egged on by the American henchman Ahmad Chalabi) are pushing for autonomy and also federalism.

The fact is federalism has been an American devious strategy to continue to control Iraq’s oil fields in its northern Kurd-dominated and southern Chalabi’s faction controlled regions. Federalism of course makes it easier for the two provinces to break off into independent nations, which will be a dream, make that two dreams, come true for the Americans.

In fact the Kurds have gone as far as to demand that the new constitution embrace their rights to self determination in 8 years – by another name that’s secession or independence.

But the US domestic front looks perilous for the Republican Party, and the Bush Administration is abandoning what has been bullsh*t in the first place, their claim of regime change of a secular dictatorship into a secular democracy.

A couple of days ago, a Kurdish negotiator on the new constitution said the US twisted Kurdish arms to drop the demand for self determination or secession. Well, at least for the time being. The Americans don't want the constitution delayed or rejected again.

But that doesn’t mean the Sunnis would accept just that – they want the word federalism dropped completely.

Then, the Americans did the unexpected and the inevitable. Unexpected inevitability – hmmm, I wonder whether that qualifies as an oxymoron. They instructed the Kurds to accept the demands of the Shiites and Sunnis on the role of Islam in the new constitution. Oh, oh, oh, the Americans really badly want the constitution in place.

So the new constitution will be an Islamic one, making the New Iraq a theocratic state. The biggest losers will be the Iraqi women, deprived of the equal rights, fair inheritance system and representation in Parliament they had actually enjoyed under Saddam Hussein. They have the USA to thank for their lowered status. Bush and his neo-cons have sold them down the river.

The American 'island of democracy and freedom' has sunk!

“Abandon ship”, or should it be “Abandon hope all ye who enter the new Iraq”?

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