Saturday, June 18, 2005

Who was Abraham? (21)

Based on the works of scholars, who will be revealed when the blogging for this topic ends. Works of other authors may be included, but where these are done, full acknowledgement will be made.

Advice: Those who may take offence in seeing biblical (OT) quotations or liberal discussion of OT biblical characters should not read this topic.

In the Koran, the confrontation between Moses or Akhenaten and the Pharaoh was far more straightforward than the Bible. The Koran also contains more details on the episode. Undoubtedly the Muslims had less concerns over the Egyptian identity of the patriarch than the Israelites.

Sura VII, 104 to 124 of the Koran narrates this tale. I have selected the relevant extracts - after Akhenaten or Moses made his demand to take his out of bondage - as follows (the preceding link shows the complete text):

Pharaoh said: ‘If indeed
Thou hast come with a Sign,
Show it forth, -
If thou tellest the truth.’

Then (Moses) threw his rod,
And behold! It was
A serpent, plain (for all to see)

And he drew out his hand
And behold! It was white
To all beholders!

As we can see from the Koranic verses, there’s no disinformation like an Aaron involved in the casting of the serpent rod. Also, Moses did show his the secret hand sign to the Pharaoh and the court officials.

Then the Pharaoh brought in his sorcerers (allegorically to challenge Akhenaten’s royal credentials). Now the Koranic verse about Moses serpent swallowing up the opposition is far more interesting:

He put it into Moses’ mind
By inspiration: ‘Throw (now)
Thy rod’: and behold!
It swallows up straightaway
All the falsehoods
Which they fake.

Thus truth was confirmed,
And all that they did
Was made of no effect

Falsehoods? Truth confirmed?

Akhenaten’s royal credentials was beyond doubt with evidence of his royal sceptre and the secret Pharaonic hand signs. Those two items demonstrated the 'truth' of his Pharaonic lineage and crushed the 'falsehood' of the Pretender to the Egyptian throne.

Then this was what the Egyptian officials did:

But the sorcerers fell down
Prostrate in adoration,

Saying: ‘We believe
In the lord of the Worlds, -‘

Ahmad Osman, author of Moses and Akhenaten stated that the wise men (sorcerers) of Egypt, or high court officials, recognised the royal credentials of Akhenaten, that indeed he was the Pharaoh Akhenaten.

The actual political struggle over the Egyptian throne was disguised in the Bible as some feats in a magical contest, wrought by a monotheist like Moses, the most unlikely person to countenance sorcery .

To be continued ……..


  1. Abraham was the given name of my paternal great-great grandfather. He brought his wife and 4 year old son out to Australia, and so here I am. Thank you, Abraham.

  2. I'll be resuming this series soon, so if you're interested in the man who gave your ancestor his name, watch out for "Who's Abraham?" soon. ;-)

  3. yo Ktemoc... Jing here.... Is this the latest one?? i mean got any 22,23 or 24?? haha.. was eager to know more.. when will update again?? hehe

  4. Jing, soon I'll continue the series to its final conclusion. If you have read the Bible, it'll blow your mind away when I reveal the "Truth" as the authors claimed.