Thursday, June 16, 2005

Australian Hostage in Iraq Rescued

A happy ending for Australian hostage in Iraq, Douglas Wood.

He was freed by Iraqi forces yesterday.

The American military also laid claim that they had supported the Iraqis in the rescue. However, after the fabricated story of the rescue of Jessica Lynch I am sceptical of any US heroic claims.

It's virtually equivalent to Ronald Reagan stating he wanted to send Rambo, yes, that movie character played by Sylvester Stallone, to Beirut to fight the Hezbollah. Wait for this, Reagan was actually applauded by Americans for such an idiotic statement of fantasy. Someone in Malaysia suggested that along the same wishful fantasizing, perhaps the Americans should send GI Jane to Baghdad too. Well, that's the inevitable consequences of an America hungry for heroes, where fictitious ones for them would even do.

Back to Douglas Wood's rescue - To what extent Australia’s top Imam, Sheik al Hilaly, had played in the Wood’s location and rescue remains unknown at this stage. If it is suspected that he had, through his intelligence, revealed the location to the Iraqi forces, his life may be in serious danger from the insurgents.

Sheik al Hilaly had been actually scheduled for a heart operation in Australia, but on hearing of Wood’s predicament, postponed his medical treatment and flew immediately to Iraq to try to secure Wood’s release.

Sheik al Hilaly – From Australian Villain to Australian Hero?

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