Saturday, June 04, 2005

Blair Wants Reluctant Bush to Help Africa!

Tony Blair has made the helping of Africa a central plank in his international aspiration, with the specific aim of providing the continent with something like a minimum of $5o billion per annum. Obviously he needs Bush to go along with him. But Bush cringed at such an amount and is likely to scuttle the proposal.

The Americans don't have a traditional interest in Africa and devoted most of their attention on the Middle-East, Asia and of course its own backyard, Latin America. Bush is concerned that Blair may want about $12 billion as contribution from him. He sees Blair's purpose as nothing more than providing welfare aid for Africa, and welfare is anathema to conservatives like Bush and his neo-cons. Beside, where or what's the American cut or benefit?

Some analysts stated that Blair made a mistake in expecting Bush to ever chip in on his proposed financial help for Africa, when he would be better off soliciting such support from France, Germany and Italy.

Blair has always backed Bush, even in an unpopular war. Now Blair will expect payback time from the Americans as the British PM is keen to set his mark on the international arena as the saviour of Africa. If Bush leaves him high and dry, it’ll be interesting to see how strong Blair’s loyalty for and friendship with Bush will remain.

I wonder whether the title for this posting should read with an eight-B's:

"Blair Begs Bush's Backing But Bush Bleats Buggeroff"

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