Sunday, June 26, 2005

Fallujah Ambush - Unchivalrous or Inevitable?

On Thursday night in Iraq, six US marines were killed, including four women. Eleven of 13 wounded Marines were female. This tragedy represents the largest number of US female service members killed in one attack during the Iraq war.

The party was returning home after a day’s work manning checkpoints around Fallujah. Their convoy was rammed by a suicide car bomber. Gunmen waiting for them opened fire.

As a bloke I feel very upset that women have been killed or hurt, for the very thought of such casualties militates against traditional male chivalrous feelings. Call me old-fashion if you like but I find it hard to stomach the killing of the fairer sex, even amazonian as the female marines were.

From my previous postings, readers would appreciate that Fallujah was severely assaulted by US marines in November last year. Then, I blogged a series of postings on the US attacks, terming the siege of Fallujah as the Iraqi Alamo.

I referred to Fallujah as Alamo for two reasons – one, to indicate the hopeless outgunned position of the Fallujans as the Texans were at Alamo; two, to remind Americans that the Fallujans will be stirred by nationalistic feelings and the urge to pay back the attackers, in the same emotional way the call of Remember the Alamo arouses in Americans.

On Thursday the Fallujan pay back continued, but in the most tragic manner for the American women. It’s damn bloody unchivalrous, but then, neither were the Americans as they killed innocent women and children in Iraq, particularly those in Fallujah.

Meanwhile in Washington, chickenhawks sit on their fat behinds in air conditioned carpeted offices, ‘bravely’ declaring there shall be no early withdrawal and that the Iraqi insurgency was in its final throes.

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