Sunday, June 26, 2005

Schapelle Corby On-Off-On Defence Team

In a bizarre twist, Schapelle Corby has apparently re-appointed her previous defence team except for two, Bali lawyer Lily Sri Rahayu Lubis and case coordinator Vasu Rasiah. Rasiah was reported by Mark Trowell QC as the one proposing the half a million dollar bribe. I used the word “apparently" in the mention of the re-appointment because the announcement has been made not by Schapelle but by her sister Mercedes Corby.

Mercedes Corby in releasing to the press the re-appointment, stated that Corby might have acted a bit too hastily. She has also told the new 'white knight’ Walter Tonetto that he wasn’t required anymore, but he refused to accept that rejection from Mercedes, insisting that he was afterall appointed by Schapelle herself.

It was revealed that Hotman Paris Hutapea would only accept the re-appointment if Tonetto was dismissed, and that Mercedes appear in a Jakarta press conference to clear his name from the bribery allegations.

The Corby saga has become even more ugly as one of Corby’s previous Australian lawyers hurled counter accusations at Corby’s mum and sister Mercedes for being the ones actually profiting from her name.

Oh, by the way, Walter Tonetto has also attempted to approach the Australian government to support his investment project in Indonesia. Well, what can one say ..........

Guess I have been a bit too hasty in saying that we would miss the circus - it's back!

The consolation of this nightmarish Corby saga is we all get to see once again the sweet angelic face of Anisa Tri HapsariWow!

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