Sunday, June 05, 2005

Yesterday Old Europe, Today New China?

Guess what?

US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld complained that China is upsetting the delicate military balance in Asia by having the damn bloody nerve to expand its military capability, so as to project power at a time when it faces no threat.

How dare the bloody Chinese do that? Don’t they realise that only the USA, with its umpteen aircraft carriers – now that’s power projection - the largest arsenal of N-weapons in the world, a military force with an ability to fight a 2-front global war, a belligerent country that have/had invaded and occupied Afghanistan, Iraq, Vietnam, Korea, Panama and a host of countries throughout its 200-year old history, should be the only power to be allowed that.

While on the topic of US sole prerogative to expand its military might, the Americans are already planning to put weapons into space, which has invited a stern warning from the Russians of retaliatory escalation. How dare those Russians? Don’t they realise that only the USA ..…….. wait a minute, didn’t I just say this earlier?

The USA is also the only superpower member, and a founding member of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) to renege on the principles and agreement of the Treaty.

Well, what can we expect of a USA under Bush and his neo-con henchmen, you know, the ones who advised him to invade Iraq!

OK, let’s get back to Rumsfeld argument that "Since no nation threatens China, one wonders: why this growing investment?"

Well, Mr Secretary, the Chinese have witnessed the Iraqi and Afghan loss of sovereignty to the arrogant and illegal American invasions, and heard the bellicose US sabre-rattling against Iran and North Korea. She knows of the USA ongoing strategy to encircle her, with a militarily resurgent Japan factored in.

Why does China (and a number of nations fearful of the USA) , boost their defence spending and upgrade their military capability?

Because the USA and its allies, particularly Japan, threaten China!

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