Monday, June 27, 2005

Rumsfeld Looked After Numero Uno!

One thing about VIPs around the world is that they sure know how to look after numero uno, namely themselves - and f**k the bloody peasants.

When Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld visited Iraq last year, he moved around in a vehicle that has been termed a rolling fortress. By contrast, his troops moved around in the Humvee, which fatally for some troops had been and, for others continues to be very vulnerable to explosive devices placed by the roadsides. Most American troops killed after President Bush claimed "the end of combat operations in Iraq", had been by such roadside explosions.

But despite the pentagon’s claim of the Humvees being armoured plated to protect the troops, the reality is they aren’t. But hell, they are only soldiers and marines, not the Secretary of Defence.

It proves the numero uno principle still applies, even and especially for the USA.

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