Sunday, June 12, 2005

Schapelle Corby Story - Appeal Grounds a Dog Breakfast?

As I had blogged earlier in Schapelle Corby Story – Paris Defends Helen of Troy!, Schapelle Corby’s defence team has virtually put the onus on the Australian government to produce grounds and evidence for the appeal. From the way they are processing the appeal it would appear that the Australian government rather than their client is on trial – at least in the eyes of the Australian public.

With 3 days to go before the appeal, they have demanded that the Australian government to, now get this, find and produce the person who put the marijuana in Corby’s boogie bag.

The Herald Sun stated that Vasu Rasiah, a member of Corby’s defence team, asked the Government to account for the 4.1 kilograms of marijuana that Corby was convicted of bringing into Bali last October.

Hell, with such a legal tactic, I’ll do Corby’s defence for half, no, a quarter of what they are charging.

Mark Trowell, one of the 2 Queen’s Counsellors assigned by the Australian government to provide advice to Corby, expressed grave concerns that he and his QC colleague have not seen even the draft grounds for the the appeal.

Additionally, The Sydney Morning Herald reported growing tensions between the 2 QC’s and Corby’s Bali-based defence team.

Looks like Schapelle Corby may be in deep trouble, sorry, DEEPER sh** if her defence team don’t perform in the writeup of the legal grounds for the appeal as the 2 QC’s have hinted.


  1. Have you heard the new Aussie slang for a $20 note?

    A "Schapelle!"

  2. Not for long if the Schapelle defence team monkeys around like a circus.