Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Schapelle Corby Surrounded by Vultures, Vampires & Ghouls

Schapelle Corby’s white knight has shown his true colours now. Corby’s mum called him a Black Knight for demanding from Corby $500,000. This is where recently-released Australian hostage Douglas Wood with his gungho expletive ought to come in.

The demand for the $500,000 is on top of the Australian government bearing all legal costs associated with her defence thus far. Ron Bakir, the white … eh … black knight conveniently neglected to inform Corby’s family of the government’s financial support, putting himself as the financier of Corby's legal defence.

The bloody black knight, according to Corby’s mum Rosleigh Rose, had even posted Corby's personal bank account details on a website he set up before the family even knew who he was, so people could make direct donations. Douglas Wood, where are you when we need you?

Mark Trowell, one of the QCs assigned by the Australian government to assist Corby, said that Corby had been forced to sign away 50% of any earnings she might make from films and book rights, and payments from film and television studios.

Wait, there are more vultures.

The Bulletin alleged that a company has lodged an application to trademark the words "Schapelle Corby" in relation to rights to produce and sell books and movies, without approaching her family. Then there is a bloke, who runs a small Gold Coast business, who attempts to trademark the name "Schapelle" in association with a raft of products from antiperspirant to nautical equipment.

Didn’t we mention all these before? In fact, I did say that for some people, Schapelle Corby, not unlike an artist, would be more valuable dead than alive. The way her appeal team has been conducting itself, it's not inconceivable she may end up that horrible way.

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