Monday, June 13, 2005

Koizumi told: Let War Dead Rest in Peace, Stop Visit to Yasukuni!

Leaders of the powerful Japan War Bereaved Association, a key support group for Koizumi's ruling Liberal Democratic Party, representing families of Japanese war dead urged Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi to show consideration for China, Korea and other Asian countries with regard to his visits to the Yasukuni war shrine.

The shrine is viewed by China and other countries in the region as a symbol of Japan's WWII barbaric militarism.

The Association said that while it has been the 'ardent wish' of the group to have prime ministers pay homage at the shrine, it is also equally important that the spirits of the war dead rest in peace, which may only be achieved through consideration to neighbouring countries.

Banzai, you are understanding people, and through you and your influence, it may be possible to put Japan's past to rest too, and bring peaceful and amicable closure to a sad episode in Asian history.

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