Saturday, June 18, 2005

US Laying Grounds for Kurdistan?

The Kurds in northern Iraq have been up to dirty tricks, kidnapping several hundreds of the minority Arabs and Turkomens. They are abetted by the US military.

From such activities, it’s just a short hop, skip and jump towards ethnic cleansing.

The US is undoubtedly keen to have a friendly Kurdish government in control of the oil-rich north. Washington has always nurtured all sorts of dictatorships provided those regimes like the ones in Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, etc remain under their political patronage and control.

Should civil war breaks out in Iraq, a very distinct probability in the intermediate future, and the country splits asunder into independent segments controlled by ethnic groupings, won’t it just be dandy to have the oil-rich northern Iraq become the new Republic of Kurdistan, assuredly a staunch ally of the USA?

Hah, that glorious black gold!

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