Saturday, June 11, 2005

Schapelle Corby - Transcendent grace, careful styling, stunning good looks

Miranda Devine, a rightwing columnist wrote the following of Schapelle Corby:

“The Australian public has seen what Corby’s defence team saw long ago: a transcendent grace that makes her guilt implausible. Her strength of character, not to mention the careful styling and stunning good looks, improved in recent months by jail-time weight loss, have bolstered her claim she is innocent and that corrupt baggage handlers planted the drugs in her boogie board bag.”

Wow! Transcendent grace, careful styling, stunning good looks improved by enforced weight loss – of course Corby has to be innocent! It was so bloody obvious one has to ask why the bloody court couldn't see that?

Devine also painted Corby’s defence team as straight out of Camelot. But if my knowledge of Arthurian myth is correct, one of those knights in shining armour was downright treacherous!

Then there was Alan Jones, another rightwing talk-back radio host and one of Australia’s two most prominent radio personalities, who “denounced the [Indonesian] court for not conducting its proceedings in English.”

Why didn’t anyone, especially the Indonesians, think of that? But then, I suppose only Jones could do so.

Now, don't imagine for one minute that Jones is stupid because he is not. He is a very intelligent bloke who knows exactly what he did, has done, does and will do. He was obviously pampering to his sectarian crowd, but even then, to suggest such an absurdity indicated the depth to which Jones had been willing to go down to, to 'feed' the audience.

Another commentator ranted that the Indonesian judiciary was “straight out of the trees”. I don’t know much about monkeys but an old African saying states that one shouldn’t tease the crocodile until one has crossed the river. It probably raised his programme;s ratings but how the f*** has that help Corby? has this to say:

“The wall-to-wall media coverage was matched only by the grubby machinations of numerous entrepreneurs offering their “services”. Ron Bakir, a Queensland mobile phone vendor with a dubious record of failed businesses, proclaimed himself Corby’s “white knight”. Bakir, who is attempting to secure a $200,000 book publishing deal, recently registered a company, Schapelle Corby Pty Ltd, in which he is the sole director, secretary and shareholder.

Celebrity agent and promoter Harry M. Miller is also said to be negotiating a deal. And early this week a Melbourne entrepreneur registered the young woman’s name as a luggage brand—the Corby Case. He claimed it would be used to assist the Corby family but admitted that he made no attempt to contact the family before registering the brand name.”

Please read my previous posting on the Corby story. They have been saying what has stated.

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