Saturday, June 18, 2005

Schapelle Corby Story - Her Defence Must Stop Showbiz Antics

As I feared, Schapelle Corby’s defence team is truly in a shambles. In a number of previous posts on her case, I termed her team as nothing more than a circus. My thoughts have been shared by others including the media.

From their bizarre 'evidence' of handwriting analysis to character profiling to hearsay evidence (from a drug convict, who heard someone in prison said they heard someone said this and that) to grandstanding TV docos to blaming the Aussie government and the Aussie federal Police chief and virtually everyone including the Indonesian judges, they have eventually graduated to Indonesian soapie starlets.

You wonder what will be next? Get the ghost of Princess Diana to testify on her defence?

The Indonesian Defence team are now at odds with the two Aussie QCs assigned by the Australian government to advise her. The two QCs were NOT even invited to contribute to the appeal writeup.

Mark Trowell, one of the QCs, has this to say:

"We have got better things to do than participate in publicity stunts with Indonesian soapie stars. We have always said they [the Indonesian-based defence team] need to button down and come to terms with the case - this case has to be about more than publicity stunts.”

"... perhaps they [the Indonesian-based defence team] should just stop bleating about it, stop criticising everybody and just get on with the appeal."

This sure as hell doesn’t look good for Corby.

Sometimes, yes, sometimes, I get the weirdest feelings that some people would be more than happy to see a Schapelle Corby hung for her marijuana saga. Sometimes my paranoia goes ballistic and feral, and I get the craziest impression that for some people, a dead Corby is a more valuable Corby?

Maybe I feel sorry for Corby – maybe I dread her appeal fate – maybe I ........... you work it out yourselves!

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