Monday, June 20, 2005

A Good Australian

Michael Kirby is a self-acknowledged gay Australian and a High court judge as well. In fact he is more than just a judge – he is one of the most respected and admired judges in Australia. A wonderful and compassionate man, who has always behaved with great dignity and professionalism, Kirby is invariably disliked by some you-know-who.

Three years ago, Senator Heffenan, one of PM John Howard’s close friends, attacked Judge Kirby in Parliament by accusing the judge of using his official car to trawl for male prostitutes. But the whole rightwing driven affair exploded back in the senator’s face.

He had relied on fabricate documents, and was forced to give an unreserved apology to the judge. He blamed a government driver for duping him, but come come now, wasn’t he just that little too eager to lash out at the good judge?

Judge Kirby graciously responded by saying "I accept Senator Heffernan's apology and reach out my hand in a spirit of reconciliation. I hope my ordeal will show the wrongs that hate of homosexuals can lead to."

He added that what he had suffered was insignificant compared to the wrong done to the Parliament and High Court.

Incredible, that's Judge Michael Kirby for you.

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