Monday, June 27, 2005

US Military Legal System An Absolute Disgrace

In February last year two US marines attacked an Australian university undergraduate with a bottle, slashing his neck. They were apprehended by Australian police and charged with attempted murder and assault causing serious injuries.

Their trial was transferred to a US military court after the Australian government agreed to a request from US authorities.

The victim was not even asked to give evidence against the two accused marines, nor informed of the outcome of the case either by US or Australian authorities.

The two culprits have been cleared by the US military courts.

This is a disgraceful example of US sense of justice. This is an indictment of their bullsh*t military legal system, where Australian David Hicks will be victim to.

If the US can do this to Australia, one of their closest allies, guess how they would treat others.

Basically in sheer contempt.

The US military has over the years shielded its criminal service people from even its own court system, when the crime had been perpetrated against non-Americans. Ask a host of countries whose people could never seek justice from American military criminals (except in those public relation cases where a few underlings had to be sacrificed to protect top generals and the Defence Secretary) – indeed ask Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Italy, Iraq, Afghanistan, and now Australia.

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