Friday, June 10, 2005

Schapelle Corby Story - Vengeance of The Trojans?

The frenzy over Schapelle Corby has climaxed last week with a criminal threat to the Indonesian Embassy in Canberra, where a letter containing bio-agent in the form of white powder was sent to the Indonesian Ambassador. Initially thought to be anthrax, the powdery stuff has been declared as harmless. However, an abusive letter written in Indonesian, traced back to the State of Victoria, was enclosed.

Now that those hotheads had their redneck fling, and Corby has been gradually replaced by other news on the media’s headlines, the time has come to assess the damage they had done to Corby.

I heard on radio a couple of days ago that Corby’s prison company was getting hostile towards her because of the attacks on Indonesia – thanks to those rednecks. Let’s hope the people at the higher levels, like the Indonesian cabinet, maintain cordial relations with the Australian government.

But how will the aggression, threats (boycott Bali, etc) and insults against the Indonesian judiciary influence the appeal judges?

Will they feel that they might be perceived as subservient to white people if they go easy on Corby? I can’t say for the obvious reason I am not them, but having an Australian talk-back radio jockey hurled slurs like ‘monkeys’ at the Balinese judges was hardly helpful to Corby’s case, though it might raise the radio’s ratings.

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