Saturday, June 04, 2005

What's a few feet here and there anyway?

I really love this true story because it has a happy ending – yes, I am just a sucker for sweet endings.

Sukhwinder Kaur Sukhi of Punjab is determined to scale Mt Everest. Sponsored by her adoring town Muktsar, she was taken under the wing of a British-led Project Himalaya team. However, the Project leader found Sukhwinder lacked sufficient climbing experience to ever reach the summit. She has no stamina, no speed, no skills, no balance, and was THE WORST CLIMBER ON THE MOUNTAIN.

He commented on her 2 attempts to climb above 7700 metres, that each time she crawled just 50 metres with her Sherpa guide, she would turn back taking virtually over two hours for that short trek.

Mt Everest is 8,850 metres high.

However, she refused to quit, and was prepared to die in her attempts. The Project leader informed her town of her serious situation and, luckily for her, they succeeded in their pleas for her to abandon her climb, assuring her she was more precious to them than Mt Everest.

Now this is really touching. The people of Mukstar stated "For us she's already conquered Everest. What's a few feet here and there anyway?"

Absolutely right! Omnia Vincit Amor!

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  1. Hilarious. "What's a few feet here and there anyway?"