Friday, June 17, 2005

The NW Frontier – Sharia vs Lust! (3)

The most horrid story went like so:

Two clans lived in a village in Pakistan. Call them clans A (for aggressor) and V (victim) respectively. Apparently A-clan was of a higher caste than V-clan, though I wonder how the hell this could have existed in the claimed egalitarian society of the Islamic world.

A bastard from A-clan sodomised a 12-year boy from V-clan, but that was not enough for the animal. He and his clansmen fabricated a story that the 12-year old had sex with a 30-year old woman from A-clan, which was a no-no because of the caste bull$h*t. They took the issue to the village elders, who, would you believe, were coincidentally made up of other beasts from A-clan - 'A' now stands for 'animals' as well as @r$ehole$.

The tribal council passed a sentence of ‘revenge rape’ . What a f**ked-up council to invent a sentence obviously set up for the base gratification of animals. The victim chosen from V-clan was Mukhtaran Mai (or Bibi), the sister of the boy. Bearded beasts from A-clan including a couple of the lustful tribal council members gang-raped her.

Thus she was sexually brutalised on a fabricated case, AFTER her 12 year old brother had already been sodomised by a beast from A-clan.

Initially, the authorities took no action as such sexual abuses of women to satisfy the lust of animals were considered the norm. But due to subsequent international outcry, the Pakistani government had the criminals arrested and tried, with 6 of them sentenced to death.

Mukhtaran Mai showed the world what sort of woman she is. Despite and in spite of her personal trauma, she established two schools in her village with the compensation money given by the Paki government and donations from other countries.

In the meantime, hey ho, the rapists were all released by the Pakistani High Courts due to ‘lack of evidence’.

NOW, to add insult to injury, the Paki government has banned Mukhtaran Mai from leaving the country, on the recommendations of the Pakistani ambassador to Washington. Mai has been invited to the USA by Amnesty International. Can you beat that?

How f**kup and @r$ehole-lic (excuse my creative profanities on such occasions) can a country and its government be.

Australia has just entertained the Paki President on his first official visit Downunder. What an absolute disgrace to have an official from that terrible country, one that has the nerve to proudly claim it’s ruled by Sharia laws.

My skin crawled at the very thought of Australia being buddies with a country having such immoral values. My blood is still boiling away at the very injustice and further humiliation of an already humiliated innocent woman.

Though I am not above targeting certain national leaders, I am not one to slander an entire country. But I’ll make an exception for detestable Pakistan.

No wonder so many of the Pakistani are called ‘Khans’, though I would spell that name starting with a capital “C”.

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