Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Schapelle Corby Defence - Face That Launches a Thousand Doubts?

Mark Trowell, one of QC’s assigned by the Australian government to assist Schapelle Corby’s court appeal, has expressed surprise at the recruitment of an Indonesian soap starlet, Anisa Tri Hapsari, by the Corby Indonesian-based defence team.

Trowell thought the time involved in the publicity stunt, sweet looking as Hapsari certainly is, would have been better spent preparing the appeal grounds.

But then, the flamboyant Indonesian defence lawyer, Hotman Paris Hutapea has already demanded that the
Australian government produce two key witnesses known only by their first names. This feeble clutch at straws has been based on an Australian drug convict’s hearsay evidence based on further hearsay evidence, that these two know who had been responsible for the marijuana in Corby's boogie bag. Another member of Corby’s defence team has even brazenly demanded the Australian government account for the 4 kg of marijuana found in Corby’s boogie bag.

Maybe that explains Paris Hutapea’s unusual confidence in his seemingly lack of appeal preparation, or his unrealistic confidence that the Australian government will meet all his demands. Maybe he has an ace up his sleeve? But then, maybe I am Ida Dalem Ketut
Kresna Kapakisan.

Trowell stated what everyone knows, except it seems the Corby Indonesian-based defence team, that an appeal must have sufficient evidence to convince the judges to overturn the earlier conviction.

But then, as Helen of Troy was known as the face that launched a thousand ships, Paris Hutapea rather wishfully hopes that Anisa Tri Hapsari can be the face that will launch a thousand doubts – in the judges’ minds.

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